Case Results

$6,000,000Slip and Fall Accident

Client was walking on crutches when he slipped on broken tile in a food court. He sustained paralysis with limited use of his hands and arms.

$5,000,000Medical Malpractice

Client was in a car accident while pregnant and rushed to the hospital. The fetal monitoring strips showed the baby was in distress. The doctor delayed performing an emergency C-section. The baby was born with significant brain damage.

$2,000,000Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian struck by a vehicle in a mall parking lot resulting in fractured leg with multiple surgeries.

$1,750,000Car Accident

45 year man was rear-ended causing herniated disc and eventually requiring back surgery.

$1,000,000+Van Passenger

Client was a passenger on a van on the NJ turnpike when it struck another vehicle causing her to be ejected from the van.

$1,000,000+Thumb / Hand Injury

Client was impacted by car that made an illegal U turn causing hand to strike inside of car. As a result she suffered nerve damage in her hand and thumb.

$1,000,000+Pedestrian / Car Accident

12 year old boy was hit by a car while selling newspapers in the street. The driver was using a stolen vehicle and ran a red light, the car/driver had no insurance. Client sustained crush injury to his foot and had extensive surgery. We claimed the newspaper company was also responsible for allowing a child to sell papers on a busy street.

$1,000,000+Work Injury

Client fell off a defective ladder hitting his arm on a metal plate. He suffered RSD (severe nerve injury) in his right arm as a result of the trauma.

$1,000,000+Work Injury

One million dollar settlement for driver who sustained a herniated disc in his back along with nerve damage.

$900,000+Work Injury

900,000 plus settlement for a fork warehouse manager whose arm was injured by a faulty dock leveler causing a 2 thousand kick plate to fall onto his arm.

$800,000+Defective Product

Over 800,000 dollar settlement for a girl who got part of a finger amputated by defective toy.

$750,000Work Injury

Client was on the back of a waste disposal truck when the driver backed up pinning him against a pole. Client sustained a herniated disc in his lower back which required surgery.

$725,000Car Accident

Philadelphia car accident victim who suffered a fracture leg,

$500,000Slip and Fall

Client fell at mall on melted ice cream near a concession stand and fractured her arm.