Philadelphia Sidewalk Accident Lawyer

Like everyone who owns or maintains property, people responsible for sidewalks must make sure they aren’t in a dangerous condition. In an urban area like Philadelphia, heavy traffic, low Philadelphia city budgets, construction and other facts of life can cause dangerous conditions like steep drop-offs, large cracks, ice, uncleared snow or debris and more. When it’s not possible to clear the hazard — for example, because of ongoing construction — the property’s maintainer has an obligation to post a warning. If they fail to clear away hazards or post a warning, a Philadelphia sidewalk accident lawyer can help anyone who suffers a sidewalk trip and fall accident can hold the maintainer legally liable for all of the injuries that result.

In sidewalk accidents, one common question is whether the local government or the owner of the adjacent property is responsible for the sidewalk’s condition. In Philadelphia, property owners are responsible for their own property, and often for clearing the sidewalks directly adjacent to their property of snow and ice. That means that you may be able to hold a business or a private homeowner responsible for a sidewalk trip and fall accident, if it happens right outside. In other cases, however, you may need to sue the township, city, county, state or other government agency responsible for maintaining the sidewalk. Because suing a government agency can be very complex and have strict deadlines, you should speak to a Philadelphia accident injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.

Sidewalk accidents may sound like minor accidents or kid stuff. But they can actually be quite serious, causing broken bones, head injuries and more for unlucky victims. However, when those injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, victims can claim compensation for medical bills, lost income, permanent disabilities and more.

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