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Halloween Injury Statistics Every Parent Should Know

Posted on October 23, 2023

While Halloween is a fun and festive holiday, it is important for parents to be aware of potential safety risks.

Halloween Injury Statistics

  • On average, children are more than twice as likely to be hit and killed by a car on Halloween.
  • There are approximately 2.6 children pedestrian fatalities each day, but on Halloween, that number more than doubles to 5.5.
  • Children at the highest risk of injury on Halloween are between the ages of 12 to 15 due to lack of adult supervision.
  • 32% of child fatalities on Halloween are between 12 and 15, and 23% are between 5 and 8.
  • The most Halloween pedestrian fatalities occur between 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 3,200 people visit the emergency room due to Halloween-related injuries. Those injuries break down as follows:
  • 55% are caused by pumpkin carving.
  • 25% are due to falls while trick-or-treating, from tripping on costumes, or while hanging decorations.
  • 20% are miscellaneous situations like lacerations, ingestions, and other injuries related to costumes, pumpkins, decorations, allergic reactions, and rashes.
  • Of these injuries, 46% were children under 18.
  • Approximately 23% of pedestrian fatalities on Halloween involve a drunk driver.

    Halloween Safety Tips

    Trick or Treating

    • Opt for costumes that fit well to prevent tripping hazards.
    • Use makeup instead of masks that can obstruct vision.
    • Attach reflective tape or stickers to costumes and bags.
    • Use glow sticks or flashlights to increase visibility, especially in low-light areas.
    • Accompany children under 12 years old.
    • Hold hands when crossing streets and use designated crosswalks.
    • Choose a familiar and well-lit neighborhood with light traffic.
    • Remind kids to look both ways before crossing streets and encourage them to make eye contact with drivers before crossing.
    • If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic.
    • Approach driveways with caution, and remind children to watch for cars backing out.
    • Make sure kids unaccompanied by adults know how to call 911 or reach out for help if needed.
    • Inspect all candy and treats for any signs of tampering or unusual packaging.

    Pumpkin Carving

    • Supervise children and provide them with child-friendly tools that are age-appropriate and safe.
    • Choose a well-lit, spacious area for carving. Ensure there is enough room for everyone to work comfortably and safely.
    • Before carving, double check the work surface, tools, and hands are dry to prevent the tools from slipping.
    • Cut a flat surface on the bottom to prevent it from rolling or tipping over during carving.
    • Drawing a design on the pumpkin’s surface with a washable marker before carving can help children plan their cuts and minimize mistakes.
    • Have a first aid kit nearby in case of minor cuts or injuries.
    • If you’re concerned about the risks of carving, consider using alternative decorating methods like painting or stickers.
    • Consider using battery-operated LED lights rather than candles.

    Stay Safe During Halloween This Year

    Stay Safe During Halloween This Year

    By following these safety tips, parents can ensure a fun and safe Halloween experience for their children. Happy trick-or-treating!