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How Can a Construction Accident Attorney Help My Case?

Posted on November 1, 2021

Construction sites are filled with hazards, and accidents are bound to happen. For workers, an injury on the job can have devastating immediate and long-term consequences. If your employer is uncooperative, refuses to file a workers’ comp claim, your claim is denied, or a third party is responsible, then it is time to get a construction accident attorney involved.

What Can a Construction Accident Attorney Can Do for Your Case?

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to protect employers from being sued for construction accident injuries and will cover some of your costs regardless of who was at fault. However, valid workers’ comp claims are often denied, or the settlement offered to you by the insurance company can be unfairly low. You may face severe financial losses and a decrease in your quality of life if you accept an offer that does not accurately reflect the extent of your losses. A Philadelphia construction accident attorney will help you by dealing with any involved insurance company. They will significantly improve your chances of recovering workers’ compensation and fair reimbursement, in addition to reducing or eliminating the paperwork and hassle that you and your family would typically have to deal with during this trying time. 

A construction accident attorney will also investigate whether a negligent third party contributed to your accident, such as a contractor, property owner, or defective product manufacturer. You will still receive workers’ compensation benefits, but if a third party is also liable, you have the right to file a lawsuit for further compensation for the lost wages that workers’ comp does not cover, as well as for pain and suffering. However, these types of third parties often have teams of attorneys representing them. Having a lawyer on your side will ensure critical evidence is gathered to prove their negligence and hold them accountable. Your Philadelphia product liability attorney will have the resources to determine the value of your case and will not settle for less in negotiations with the insurance companies. They will also prepare your case for trial if it is necessary to secure a favorable outcome for your case. 

What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring a Construction Accident Lawyer?

Take advantage of free consultations and ask potential construction accident lawyers the following questions:

  1. Will you be the attorney handling my case? Or will other team members be working on it? It is always good to know who exactly will be involved in your case and how much experience they have with construction accident cases
  2. How many cases do you typically handle at a time? If they take on too many cases at once, yours may not receive the attention that it requires. 
  3. How long have you handled construction accident cases? You may prefer someone well versed in these types of cases, or you may not mind a hard-working beginner. 
  4. Have you ever had a case similar to mine? What was the outcome? You may prefer knowing your attorney has been successful with cases like yours.
  5. How does pricing work? Make sure you know the exact terms of your contingency fee agreement, how much, and what expenses you will be responsible for paying. 
  6. How many of your construction accident cases have been taken to trial? It would be best if you had a lawyer with trial experience. 
  7. What do you think the outcome of my case will be? An attorney can lend their professional opinion based on their experience.  
  8. Are there any potential issues or difficulties already evident in my case? Choose an attorney who is honest about possible problems and can explain your options for overcoming them. 
  9. How much is my case worth? After evaluating your claim, they should be able to estimate the value of your case. 
  10. Do you have references? Speak to a few past clients before hiring an attorney.