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How Long Do You Have To Report An Injury At Work In Pennsylvania

Posted on November 30, 2023

In Pennsylvania, employees generally have 120 days to report a work-related injury. However, it is in your best interests to notify an employer as soon as possible.

The Importance of Immediate Reporting

While the law provides a 120-day window, immediate reporting remains crucial for several reasons. Reporting promptly enables employers to initiate the necessary actions to address the injury, provide medical care, and begin the workers’ compensation claims process. Delays in reporting may complicate the claims process and could potentially lead to challenges in proving the causal relationship between the injury and the employment.

Certain injuries or conditions may not manifest immediately. In these cases, employees are still encouraged to report the injury as soon as it becomes apparent. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing immediate reporting, it is crucial to communicate these to the employer as soon as possible.

Written Notice

While immediate verbal notification is important, it is also advisable to follow up with written notice. Provide a written account of the injury, including details such as the date, time, and circumstances surrounding the incident. This written documentation can serve as a valuable record throughout the claims process.

Employer’s Responsibilities

Upon receiving notification of a work-related injury, your employer has responsibilities outlined by the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws. This includes providing medical treatment, promptly filing the First Report of Injury with their workers’ compensation insurance carrier, and cooperating with you throughout the claims process.

What Happens if I Miss the Reporting Deadline?

Failing to report the injury within the 120-day timeframe may result in a loss of workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance carrier can use the missed reporting deadline as grounds to deny your claim.

How Long Do You Have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation claims are subject to a statute of limitations that establishes the timeframe within which an injured worker must file a formal claim petition if disputes or complications arise. As a result, injured workers have up to three years from the date of the injury to pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

A Philadelphia Work Injury Attorney Can Help

A Philadelphia Work Injury Attorney Can Help

If you encounter challenges in reporting a work-related injury or face resistance from your employer, consult a Philadelphia work injury attorney. They can provide guidance on reporting your injury and the necessary next steps.

If you encounter challenges in reporting your injury, such as employer resistance or refusal to acknowledge the work-related nature of the injury, a lawyer can intervene. They can communicate with your employer on your behalf to address any obstacles. An attorney can also assist you in documenting the injury thoroughly. This includes helping you gather medical records, witness statements, and any other evidence that supports the work-related nature of your injury.

If disputes arise or your claim is denied, a Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer can file a formal claim petition with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This is especially crucial if you must challenge a denial or address other issues in the claims process.