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Elder abuse encompasses several types of violence and exploitation of citizens in the United States that occur among those aged 60 years and older. The violence and exploitation most frequently occurs at the hand of a caregiver, family member, or by someone that the elder trusts. Elder abuse includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, including self-neglect and financial exploitation. Statistics vary as to the full extent of the harm caused, as much of elder abuse is hidden and not reported often with the fear of retaliation or worsening living conditions. The percentage of those impacted by elder abuse vary from one in ten older Americans suffering some form of elder abuse, approximately 4 million Americans to almost 11 percent or 5.7 million Americans are victims of elder abuse. A specialized Philadelphia elder abuse lawyer has a depth of experience in bringing successful claims against nursing homes violations, long-term care negligence, personal in home caregivers who fail to meet the standard of care necessary to care for an older adult. At Rosenbaum & Associates we appreciate the difficultly associated with an elder abuse claim and work diligently with victims and families to ensure that the abuse stops, and that those responsible are held accountable.

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Pennsylvania’s nursing homes have lowest quality ratings yet the state has the fourth largest population of older citizens, making up roughly 21.4 percent of Pennsylvania’s total population. Represented in this group are 2.7 million individuals over the age of 60, with another 2.4 percent over the age of 85. The steady growth of the older population coupled with the recession have resulted in a surge of abuse, neglect, abandonment, and financial exploitation of Pennsylvania’s older population. According to the SeniorLAW Center, older Americans who fall victim to elder abuse, neglect, sexual assault, or financial exploitation have a heightened risk of dying prematurely, three times that of an older American who has not suffered elder abuse. Isolation plays a huge part in an elder’s likelihood of being preyed upon by another’s self serving agenda. When a caregiver or a loved one isolates an older American, they strip the person of their own safety net such as a religious institution, membership clubs, gardening circles, etc. By being part of these groups and an active member of society, other people take notice of each other’s condition, both physical and mental, and are able to voice concern and offer a hand if they see a member struggling. However, when one is isolated, broken bones, bruises, rope burns, dramatic weight loss, and confusion due to malnutrition becomes easy to hide from prying eyes.

Abuse can occur anywhere from a residential nursing home, long-term care facility, and in home care, which is why speaking to a Philadelphia nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer is critical. The Department of Aging’s elder abuse hotline, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is 1(800) 490-8505. Much like personal injury cases you want to ensure your safety first and foremost. If afterwards you would like to speak to an advocate for victims of injuries that result from elder abuse and neglect please feel free to contact our Pennsylvania and New Jersey Offices at your earliest convenience.

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If you or a loved one was sustained injuries that resulted from elder abuse or neglect our Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys may be able to help you recover just compensation. In order to determine whether you have grounds for a case, please contact a Philadelphia elder abuse lawyer online or call 1 800 7 LEGAL 7 for a Free Case Evaluation.