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Can a Car Accident Attorney Help Me Secure More Compensation?

Posted on February 14, 2022

Generally speaking, a car accident attorney can help you recover more compensation than going through the claims process alone. Surveys have discovered that injury victims with representation often recover two to three times more, even after lawyer fees.

Why an Attorney Can Secure More Compensation

Although a lawyer cannot guarantee a favorable outcome, the benefits of hiring one are indisputable. They will be able to offer you guidance based on their previous experience and the types of compensation they have secured for their clients. Our Montgomery car accident lawyers also understand the tactics used by insurance companies to minimize their liability. If you do not have representation, the at-fault driver’s insurer may attempt to intimidate you into accepting a lower than fair settlement offer or shift the blame onto you. A quick cash settlement may be tempting, but a lawyer will have assessed your case thoroughly to calculate its value before advising you on the amount you should resolve the claim for to ensure your losses are covered.

When an attorney isn’t advocating for you, the insurance company may also try to get you to admit fault, claim your injuries are not as severe as you are stating, delay your claim, or even deny it. A car accident lawyer will ensure your rights are protected will not back down against the insurer.

A Car Accident Lawyer Will Go to Trial for You

Although over 95% of cases settle, if the insurer still refuses to extend fair compensation, an attorney will fight for your claim in court. They have the resources to hire experts to support your case and put together the strongest case possible to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation available. Often, simply filing a lawsuit will alert the at-fault party and their insurance company that you are serious about pursuing your claim, motivating them to resolve it before trial.

do auto accident lawyers recover higher compensation?

Can a Lawyer Help Speed Up The Process of an Injury Claim?

A lawyer can typically help expedite the injury claims process and get you paid quicker compared to car accident victims that represent themselves. However, some complex cases can take longer even with an attorney—for example, if liability is unclear or multiple parties are responsible. If you choose to go it alone, you will have to wait until you have physically recovered sufficiently before seeking compensation. Whereas once you hire an attorney, they will investigate and pursue your claim even while you are recuperating.

They will handle keeping track of medical records and other documents critical to your case (e.g., police reports, witness statements, pay stubs, etc.). In addition, an attorney can help you avoid common mistakes that can affect your compensation or delay your claim, such as paperwork errors, missing the filing deadline, a lack of evidence on your injuries or the accident, failing to seek medical care, or having gaps in treatment, failing to admit pre-existing injuries, undermining your case by posting about the accident on social media, and more.