Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyer

Here in Philadelphia, we have Septa buses, long-distance buses and charter buses passing through the city and its suburbs as a regular mode of transportation for residents. Although rare, when bus accidents do occur, they bring all of their massive size and weight to bear on the person or vehicle they hit, causing very serious injuries or death. For passengers, the injuries can be worse than car accident injuries since buses very rarely contain seat belts or other restraints. A specialized Philadelphia bus accident attorney knows all the parameters and severity of these accidents, and can help victims retrieve compensation.

Long-distance buses are regulated by the same federal agency that handles commercial trucking, which means they’re subject to strict regulations on maintenance, drivers’ hours on the road, driver drug and alcohol use and more. When busing companies break these laws and cause a serious bus accident, passengers and their loved ones can sue just as they would a negligent trucking company. A Philadelphia injury lawyer can help individuals or groups of victims sort out responsibility and ensure that they’re fairly compensated.

Bus accidents involving local public transit or school buses have an added layer of complication because the bus is usually operated by a government agency. Suing a Pennsylvania state or local agency is more complicated than suing a private business, with shorter deadlines and administrative procedures to follow. For that reason, victims with this type of claim should contact an experienced Philadelphia bus accident attorney as soon as possible after their accidents.

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