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Philadelphia Recreational Vehicle (RV) Accident Attorney

The term recreational vehicle or RV, is used to describe a motorized vehicle with a living area, and with a possibility of further luxury options. Within the RV grouping are motor homes and camper vans, hybrid trailers, popup campers, as well as, toy haulers. The only requirement needed in order to drive a recreational vehicle in the United States, is a valid driver’s license with the driver being at least 21 years of age. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in a 2003 study, found that there were over 70,000 people injured in RV accidents. Within the same year the U.S. Department of Transportation reported that there were thousands of fatalities caused by RV accidents. Driving an RV is similar to driving a semi tractor trailer, except little training is needed before setting out on the road. The sheer size of an RV requires that a camper use a heightened sense of caution when operating the large vehicle. If you or a loved one have been involved in an RV collision due to the negligence, and or recklessness of another driver, or a manufacturing defect of the RV, then the law offices of Rosenbaum and Associates may be able to assist you. A highly experienced Philadelphia RV accident lawyer in our firm is able to advice you in a wide array of car accidents.

RV Accidents

Some of the most common causes of an RV accident  in Philadelphia include: runaway trailers, an inexperienced driver, poor weight distribution, and a propensity for rollover in RVs due to a higher center of gravity is further escalated by the lack of seatbelt wearers in an RV. Yet, the number one cause of an RV accident in the United States, is an overloaded rig. If you are seeking the experience of driving a recreational vehicle across the United States, then weight distribution is a key area to investigate. By having your rig weighed at a public weigh station when it is fully loaded before going on a trip, this extra step will allow the driver to know whether or not the RV meets the weight limits set by the RV manufacturer, and what if anything can be bought along the way. Weight distribution plays a major role in how an RV is able to brake and the distance needed to do so safely, as well as effecting the steering ability. Along with braking and steering, there is a dramatic increase in fuel consumption paralleling the weight of the RV, as well as, increase breakdowns and tire blow out potential. While there is a lot of horse power in an RV, driving extra cautiously, well within the speed limit, and leaving ample space between you and other drivers, can be the difference between a monumental vacation and a dismal life threatening experience. Like trucks used for transportation, many RV drivers will be on the road for long stretches. This can cause the driver to become over tired and therefore not attentive to other traffic. Given the size of the vehicle reaction time is essential. It is much more difficult to take corrective action in an RV than an ordinary car. But unlike truck operators RV drivers do not require additional training or license.

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