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Philadelphia Knee and Joint Injuries Attorney

Knee and ankle injuries are common when there is a twisting of the joint, which is common in trip and fall accidents. In car accidents the injury is often from the blunt trauma of striking the joint. In either case the healing process can be extensive and sometimes requires surgery. Anytime there is prolonged instability or swelling an injury victim should get an orthopedic evaluation. Not only will this help ensure you are getting the proper treatment, but can also affect the value of your claim. Often the extent of a knee injury cannot be determined without an MRI. This test can show whether there is ligament or cartilage damage, which require surgery.

Sometimes primary care doctors are reluctant to prescribe these tests, and a Philadelphia knee and joint injury lawyer at Rosenbaum & Associates can help coordinate appointments with the right specialists. If you or a loved one have suffered a knee or joint injury in Pennsylvania as a result of another’s negligence, our attorneys can help. Contact us to find out how.

How Many People Are Impacted By Knee & Joint Injuries?

Approximately 19 million people per year seek medical attention in the US for knee injuries and joint injuries. Work accidents, sports and vehicle accidents are the most common causes of injured joints. Among these knee injuries are the most common due to the stresses of everyday life that we place on the knees.

The time required for knee injuries to heal varies greatly depending on the type and severity of the joint injured. Joints heal slowly due to their high concentration of cartilage and dense connective tissues both of which lack a direct blood supply.

Many occupations in the US present a high risk of knee and joint injury due to slips and falls or being struck by objects. Construction workers in Philadelphia often sustain knee injuries by stepping off ladders or scaffolding and landing incorrectly. Work boots go a long way to prevent damage to ankles, but knee injuries are very common.

The same holds true for many situations in everyday life. Commuting to and from work in Philadelphia presents many opportunities for injury while entering and exiting the steps of a buss, or navigating crowded subway steps, as experienced from our Philadelphia work injury attorney. Simply walking down the sidewalk presents its own challenges with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What Are Common Knee and Joint Injuries?

Some of the most severe joint injuries occur to the knees. An anterior cruciate ligament injury or ACL for short is the result of twisting the knee and stretching the ACL beyond its intended functionality. These knee injuries can take in excess of one year to heal and if the ACL is torn will require surgery.

Wrist sprains are also another very common joint injury. Conditions that cause this type of injury can be found in all walks of life, but are most commonly found in sports and outdoor recreation.

Over extending the joint causes the ligaments to be stretched in an abnormal way. As a result there is often pain while both stationary and when moving the wrist. Swelling, bruising and in some cases a popping inside the wrist are present.

Spraining or twisting the ankle is another very common joint injury as a result of slips and falls. Causes of this type of injury range from inclement weather to unsteady footing on uneven terrain. Approximately 25,000 people per day suffer ankle injuries. An ankle injury may occur anywhere stepping at an uneven angle results in the ankle rolling to one side and over extending the ligaments. Ankle injuries are very painful and cause great disruptions to everyday life. Ankle injuries can take as long as six weeks depending on the severity of the injury.

You should seek medical attention any time you fear you’ve suffered a knee injury, resulting in any type of joint inflammation. People often misdiagnose joint injuries as sprains, but there could be considerable more damage present. If not treated properly a misdiagnosed joint injury can result in major problems with functionality if left to heal improperly.

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Knee injury can happen to anyone regardless of age or profession, affecting adults as well as children and senior citizens. As accidents can happen to anyone, it is often a best practice to locate an experienced doctor in Philadelphia before the need for urgent care arises.

If a knee injury has impacted you or your family, our law firm can help. Call or contact our Philadelphia knee and joint injury attorneys at (215) 569-0200 to see how we can help.

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