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Serious Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be life-altering events, as many variables can significantly place a motorcycle accident victim at a heighten risk of spinal injury, neck injury, permanent paralysis, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, lacerations, and serious road burns covering large parts of one’s body depending on the level of protection worn by the motorist. Fatalities or serious bodily injury, with lost wages potential, are often associated with motorcycle accidents where at the time of the crash the motorist or passenger was not wearing a helmet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) latest report determined that in Pennsylvania within one year, 3,600 motorists were involved in a motorcycle accident. Of that injured motorist group, 199 were fatalities. The Philadelphia based law firm of Rosenbaum & Associates has over 25 years experience helping their clients recover compensation from a negligent or reckless driver.

Our firm’s Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers help surviving victims recover damages for the pain and suffering caused  by a fatal accident.

Our firm is dedicated to ensuring justice is served when you are not at fault. With multiple decades of experience working to ensure their clients recover just compensation for lost wages, hospital bills, pain medication, as well as physical therapy if required. Often drivers fail to yield the right of way to a motorcycle, or negligently change lanes, or fail to leave sufficient driving distance.

Motorcycle accidents in Philadelphia are unique in nature. Often requiring a recreation of the scene to determine how the severe injuries were sustained, and whether either driver did not use caution or failed to follow traffic laws, most commonly failing to yield the right of way. Unlike passenger vehicles which are required to be manufactured with crash safety features, such as airbags, seatbelts, including a variation on a crash resistant steel frame specifically designed to help keep the contents from being crushed, as well as redistribute the force generated when two objects collide into one another, for example on a highway, street, or even pulling out of a parking lot. According to the NHTSA a motorcycle accident victim and passenger is eight times more likely to be injured in an accident than those in a passenger vehicle, and thirty-five times more likely to die. In Pennsylvania with no universal helmet law, a motorcyclist chooses the level of protection worn prior to riding. If you are older than 21 and have a motorcycle license with the required operational and safety hours logged with the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles then you are not required by law to wear a helmet approved by the United States Department of Transportation. All riders also choose what, if any riding gear will be worn, like a riding jacket, pants more heavily protective than shorts helping to protect against road burns, riding gloves to better help grip, and protective footwear many opting for a boot, and of course what form of protective eyewear.

If you or a loved one was severely injured in a motorcycle accident the Philadelphia based firm may be able to help you recover just compensation and to determine whether you have grounds for a case, please contact us online or call 1 800 7 LEGAL 7 for a Free Case Evaluation.