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The Key Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The motorcycle rider has advantages over other road users, but they also have a number of disadvantages too. Riders enjoy the freedom being able to keep moving during traffic jams and many other road obstructions. But all riders know there is a risk due to the fact that there is nothing between a rider and the road or another vehicle in the event of a collision. This means that in many accidents, a motorcyclist may well be the one to suffer most injuries and even death. In fact, one of the most frequent causes of road deaths is motor bike accidents.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are a number of factors that have been proven to contribute more often than not to motor bike accidents. The most common ones are:


These modes of transportation are built for speed and most riders will take advantage of this. Regardless of the skill of the rider, speed reduces their reaction time in dangerous situations. Plus, when reacting to oncoming traffic or other threats it is easy to lose control and veer of the road.

Visibility and Size of Motor Bikes

Many car accidents or truck accidents occur because these motorists who collide with motorcycles state that they didn’t see the rider until the moment of impact. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles so they may be harder to spot in some circumstances. Poor weather can also affect their visibility.

According to many sources, the motorist is often at fault in collisions involving motorcycles. This usually results from them not paying attention while driving. Miscalculation of the speed of the motorcycle rider sometimes result in a motorist turning into the cyclist’s path thinking they can make the turn in time.

The Skill Level of the Rider

As with anything else, motorcycle riders have varying skill levels. An inexperienced biker is more likely to meet in an accident under certain conditions. Some inexperienced or new riders are likely to be intimidated by other users of the road. This can lead to them losing confidence and doing something that will put them and others in danger. On the other hand, some riders overestimate their skill and try dangerous stunts on the road. The Condition of the Road

Road conditions can sometimes cause motor vehicle accidents. Pot holes and cracks can easily throw a motorcycle off balance. Litter or other unexpected objects on the road can also contribute to an accident.

Depending on where the accident happened or where the accident victim lives, a lawyer in that state may be the best option. A Philadelphia personal injury lawyer would be the best choice if the accident occurred in Philadelphia.

Based on the number of factors that can result in motorcycle accidents, there could well be the basis for a personal injury claim. With many types of vehicular accidents, it is not always easy to establish liability, but it is not impossible. The right Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can make all the difference.

Statistics indicate that motorcyclists are almost thirty times more likely to die in motor vehicle accidents, so safety rules while must always be observed. Paying attention to road signs can also help to cut the rate of accidents. Since it is not always the motorcyclist who is at fault, it is important to get the facts if a personal injury claim is filed.