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Common Burn Injuries and Their Causes

The most common cause of burn is direct contact to fire or flame. Gas stoves that use open flame for cooking, campfires or lanterns are common causes for burn injuries. People mistakenly place their hand or some other part of their body too close to the flame and sustain a burn or their clothes catch fire.

Scalding by hot liquids or gasses often causes blisters to the affected area. A blister is a fluid filled bubble in the skin created as the body’s reaction to direct contact with scalding liquid or gasses. Spill scalds are common among people who enjoy drinking coffee, hot tea or other hot drinks.

The most common scald burns among children include tap water, often bath water that gets too hot. Many child injuries can occur when they are scalded with boiling water from the stovetop. Parents or caregivers may neglectfully leave the handle of pots or pans where a child may grab and pull it to view the contents. Scalding burns are the direct result of the hot liquids hitting the child’s skin.

Some burn injuries involve defective electrical wiring and motor vehicle accidents. Proving negligence in any of these cases is the hardest part. Discuss your options with a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in personal injury cases.

Bonfires are a very large version of a campfire. They’re often found in a large gathering or a party atmosphere. Any type of party lasting into the night is subject to a bonfire. Alcohol use often increases the possibility of burn injuries around a campfire or bonfire.

Care of burn injuries includes cleaning and dressing appropriately to prevent infection or further damage. In bad burns, antibiotics and analgesics may be used to lessen the pain involved and treat in case of an infection. More severe burns could require surgery in which the burned tissue would be removed and skin grafts would replace it.

Personal injuries due to burns can occur anywhere and at any time. One thing that is generally true about a lot of accidents regardless of where they occur is that they could have been prevented. It is this failure to act that forms the basis for many injuries which lead to personal injury claims.

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Philadelphia personal injury lawyers know the many nuances that can confuse people who aren’t familiar with burn injuries. There are many different parts to any claim. It must be proven that harm resulted from someone else’s negligence or actions.

It is important to know that when it comes to these claims, every state has its own laws. This is one reason why it is important to have a lawyer in your area handle your claim. For example a Philadelphia accident lawyer or Scranton burn injury lawyer would be the best option if you are filing a claim in Pennsylvania or Scranton.