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Philadelphia Train Accident Attorney

Train accidents are extremely rare but can be fatal. In fact, we saw the deadly train accident in May 2015 when an Amtrak Northeast Regional train derailed and crashed, injuring 200 passengers and killing 8. If you have been involved in an accident while you’re riding on a train, you’ll want to contact a Philadelphia train accident attorney at Rosenbaum & Associates so that our we can help you collect the compensation you deserve. Victims need to be compensated for injuries and any damages that occurred during an accident.

Why Choose Our Philadelphia Train Accident Attorneys

Since 1992, our law firm has helped individuals that have suffered personal injuries recoup compensation for what was lost. Our Philadelphia train accident lawyers offer free consultations and operate under contingency fee basis. Simply put, our attorneys only collect money if our clients are awarded financial damages. To discuss the specifics of your case with our team, contact us via our online contact form or at (215) 569-0200.

The Severity of Train Accidents

Train accidents don’t have to be the kind where the train hops the tracks or falls off a trestle. Accidents in Philadelphia also include things like hitting a car stuck on the tracks or hitting a person who was walking along the tracks who didn’t hear the approaching train. When a train does have a catastrophic wreck such as jumping the tracks, damage and injuries are usually severe. In those rare cases, fatal injuries can and frequently do occur.

Since train wrecks are usually caused by impaired operators, faulty equipment or not following safety regulations, you need to have on of our specialized lawyers on your side who knows how to deal with the arsenal of attorneys that the train companies have working for them. There is a lot of information that can be used to build your case, such train logs, track maintenance records, and training documentation. Contact our office to make sure you get a fair settlement for any injuries, or deaths that may have happened to your family member in the accident.

Even if you feel OK immediately following the accident, don’t sign any statement or tell the train company’s insurance people that you were not injured. Frequently unseen injuries pop up a day or two after such an accident if they’re not apparent at first. That injury may continue to worsen until it becomes so bad that you cannot stand the pain and need medical treatment. If you sign away your right to sue before you’re sure that you were not injured, you will not be able to collect your medical fees. If you call a Philadelphia train accident attorney after such an incident, we can advise you on how to follow through on the case so that the train company’s insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you when you’re in a state of shock.

Contact our Experienced Philadelphia Train Accident Lawyer

A train accident can really affect your life. It can prevent you from earning a living. You could incur thousands and thousands of dollars in medical costs and rehabilitation fees before you get back to some sort of normalcy in your life. If your possessions, like a i-phone or iPad were damaged or lost in the accident, you can get compensation for those items. These are all reasons why you should contact an experienced accident attorney if you were involved in a train accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

Our Philadelphia injury attorneys know how to litigate a lawsuit against big name transportation companies. We’ll tell you how strong your case is right up front. We don’t get paid until you do. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a train or other transportation accident, call the team of dedicated lawyers at Rosenbaum & Associates. Contact us online by filling out a web form, or you can call us at (215) 569-0200 for a free case evaluation.