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Philadelphia Supermarket Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, Philadelphia supermarkets are one of the most common places for a Philadelphia slip and fall accident. Supermarkets sell food, and inevitably, some of that food is likely to spill on the floor, creating a slippery hazard. For the same reasons, floors in supermarkets are almost always hard and smooth surfaces, which give visitors very little traction when the floor is covered in a slippery spill.

Of course, grocery stores have to clean their floors regularly, creating a slipping hazard in itself. And supermarket accidents can also be caused by unstable displays, broken pavement, icy outdoor walkways and other ordinary hazards. When customers are seriously injured by any of these hazards, they need a Philadelphia supermarket accident lawyer to help them recover fair compensation. Contact our law firm to discuss your supermarket accident.

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At Rosenbaum & Associates, our Philadelphia supermarket accident attorneys understand the difficulties that slip and fall hazards pose to victims and their families. Since 1992, our law firm has helped victims that have suffered injuries in supermarkets recover damages for the injuries suffered.

Our law firm offers free consultations to injured victims and we work on a contingency fee basis. To contact our lawyers call (215) 569-0200 or reach out to us via our online contact form.

Who is Responsible for a Supermarket Accident?

Like all businesses, supermarkets have a legal responsibility to clear away spills and other potential hazards. The law gives them a reasonable amount of time to clean up, or post a sign if they can’t clear the hazard right away. But if the store fails to correct a clearly unsafe condition, it can be held legally liable for any injuries its negligence might cause.

It can be especially challenging to sue over supermarket accidents because grocery stores tend to be run by large chains. These corporations have the money and the liability insurance to cover even serious injuries, but they also have teams of attorneys whose job it is to fight legal claims. Even in cases where the store’s liability seems clear, this can stack the deck against injured people. That’s why you should talk to a Philadelphia supermarket accident attorney from Rosenbaum & Associates if you’ve been injured at a Philadelphia-area supermarket. With many years of experience fighting for victims’ legal rights, our expert attorneys can even the playing field.

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At Rosenbaum & Associates, we offer free consultations, so potential clients can ask us about the strength and value of their cases with no further obligation or charge. You are always welcome to contact us online or call us toll–free at (215) 569-0200.

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