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Philadelphia Forklift Accident Attorney

Forklifts are popular labor-saving devices that are used in retail stores, commercial businesses, warehouses and distribution centers. When these industrial machines are used in a reckless manner or are improperly maintained, they become dangerous weapons. People and other vehicles can easily be injured or damaged if a forklift is operated in an unsafe or irresponsible manner.

If you have suffered an injury on the job or while shopping at a retail establishment, you might be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries. The company and the driver are both responsible for the operation of forklifts and heavy equipment. A Philadelphia forklift accident lawyer at our law firm can help you recover the compensation you deserve if you were involved in this specific work injury in Philadelphia. Contact our firm for a free consultation.

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The personal injury attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates have helped injured victims recover what was lost. Since 1992, our attorneys have focused on recovering damages for victims and their loved ones. We offer all of our services on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only get paid if our clients are awarded compensation. For a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your construction accident, call (215) 569-0200

How Many Forklift Accidents Occur Annually?

Every year, 20,000 shoppers and hard-working individuals suffer serious injuries due to forklift accidents. Roughly 100 workers suffer fatal injuries, which make forklift accidents a leading cause of injury and death in industrial environments. If you or a loved one has perished as a result of a serious forklift accident, contact our Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers.

Sadly, most of these accidents could have been prevented if the driver exercised caution, the employer trained its employees and the machine was maintained properly. Deadly forklift accidents are often caused by reckless operation, inadequate maintenance, uncertified or unqualified drivers and workers who receive inadequate training. Even an experienced OSHA-certified forklift operator can be involved in an accident due to mechanical failure. Here are a few common scenarios that lead to forklift accidents and personal injury lawsuits in Philadelphia.

  • Transporting Workers: Forklifts should never be used to transport or elevate workers. Serious injuries can occur if the operator loses control, the passenger falls or components catch the passenger’s limbs.
  • Contact with Pedestrians: All forklifts should have an automatic audio signal to alert workers and pedestrians that a moving vehicle is present. This system can prevent deadly collisions with shoppers and warehouse workers.
  • Unsafe Conditions: Due to their nature, forklifts must be operated in large open spaces that are designed for vehicle traffic. Accidents are more likely to occur in narrow aisles, congested spaces and places where there are visual obstructions. Similarly, loads of heavy cargo should never be transported if they obscure the driver’s line of sight.
  • Rollovers: Forklifts can easily tip or roll over when vehicles are operated in unsafe conditions or the load is off balance. Rollover accidents are particularly dangerous if the forklift is not equipped with a rollover protection system. If a forklift tips over, the weight of the cargo and the vehicle can crush the driver and workers in the vehicle’s path.
  • Driver Protection Systems: Drivers can easily be injured due to mechanical issues and external conditions. For these reasons, all forklifts should be equipped with overhead protection systems to shield the driver from falling debris. The driver’s seat must be equipped with seat belts, arm rests and grab rails.

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