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According to the US Fire Administration , more than one million Americans suffer burn injuries each year in the United States. Painful, life-threatening, scarring and sometimes disabling, severe burn injuries are catastrophic in multiple facets. There is so much for a burn victim to understand, so calling a Philadelphia burn injury attorney is highly recommended. The skin isn’t just a pretty covering; it’s also the body’s largest organ, regulating temperature and keeping out infections. When more than a small percentage of the skin is damaged by a burn, it can’t do those jobs — and the victim is in danger. That’s why Philadelphia hospitals have specialized burn units, where burn injury victims can get the specialized care they need. If you are suffering from serious burn injuries after an accident and want to hold the guilty party responsible, contact our Philadelphia burn injury attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates.

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Causes of Burn Injury Lawsuits

Unfortunately, other people’s carelessness is behind some of the most common causes of burns. Severe burn injuries can come from car, truck and motorcycle accidents; defective electrical wiring in homes or appliances; explosions of hot water heaters and other defective products; serious workplace accidents; and human errors with smoking and cooking. When these and other forms of negligence cause life-altering burn accidents, victims should contact a Philadelphia burn injury attorney right away to discuss their rights and options. Rosenbaum & Associates has extensive experience with a wide variety of personal injuries, including the complicated legal and medical issues that underlie burn injuries. Contact a Philadelphia personal injury attorney today.