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Philadelphia School Bus Accident Lawyer

School buses in the United States transport more than half of the approximate 49 million students who attend public schools nationwide.

Nearly 450,000 yellow school buses can be seen on the road transporting 25 million children between school and home each day.

According to the American School Bus Council, school buses are designed with safety in mind and prove to be safer than passenger vehicles with statistics that boast students who take a school bus to school are 50 times more likely to arrive at school alive than if they drove themselves, or took a ride with friends.

But what happens if a school bus accident occurs?

If your child was injured in an auto accident involving a bus, our Philadelphia school bus accident lawyers can help. Contact our firm for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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School Buses & Safety

If you thought your daily morning commute was challenging, picture 17.3 million more cars on the road, especially surrounding schools each morning.

Currently for every school bus on the road an additional 36 cars are kept off. The environmental aspects do not stop there. A national savings of 2.3 billion gallons of fuel, and 44.6 billion pounds of carbon monoxide are kept from entering the environment by utilizing school buses.

Despite the safety regulations and close screening of bus drivers, accidents are inevitable. If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a school transportation-related crash please do not hesitate to contact a Philadelphia bus accident attorney at Rosenbaum & Associates.

Are There Safety Guidelines In Place For Buses?

School buses have an incredible responsibility in transporting children, and because of this, they must be held to the highest level of safety.

School bus drivers are required to receive in depth security and medical training. They are also regularly screened for drug and alcohol testing. Most if not all bus companies prohibit their driver’s from using their cellphones while on the job.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has instituted federal safety guidelines which provide a higher level of safety than those required by passenger vehicles. Many states go beyond the regulations supplementing the federal guidelines with state policy regarding their own cellphone, seat belt, or other safety requirements.

Injuries After School Bus Accidents

Although much has been done to safeguard our children, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, estimates that as many as 12,000 children are injured every year in school transportation-related crashes. Of the 12,000 children injured about 350 to 475 injuries have resulted in serious injury or death.

Being mindful of the road and of your surroundings can help to combat the rate at which children are injured while entering and exiting their school buses. Never try to speed around a stopped school bus or try to pass a bus with blinking lights indicating they are about to stop traffic.

By slowing down we can help to ensure that school buses remain a viable, environmentally friendly, means to transport our youth safely to and from schools around Philadelphia.

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