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Dealing with Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

An increasing number of dog bite accidents make it onto the nightly news. Unfortunately certain breeds seem to receive the brunt of human-dog-cohabitation and problems it can cause. Some dog bite accidents don’t leave lasting physical marks, but instead leave psychological marks that lead to a lifelong fear of a creature deemed “man’s best friend.”

Unfortunately some dog bite accidents could have been avoided with proper training, supervision or a muzzle. Child injuries are especially scary. Cases involving the family pet chewing off a child’s finger are not only emotionally horrifying, they cause irreparable physical damage to the child’s hand. Even the trusted family dog should never be left completely alone with a defenseless child.

Most people believe they will never have to worry about their beloved family pet biting someone or another animal. Even the smallest, most docile dog may bite from time to time. Biting is the way dogs protect themselves from harm from other animals or even from small, roving fingers.

Small children are very curious and may pull a dog’s hair, poke their eyes, or even stick their fingers into a dog’s mouth. These behaviors should be stopped as soon as possible to prevent a dog bite accident. Most dogs, when kept inside or raised in a family atmosphere, understand the family hierarchy but even a very well trained dog may lose patience and snap at curious fingers.

Sometimes dogs may wonder out of their yard or feel that people are encroaching onto their property. In a city situation, dogs are not supposed to be free to roam, however sometimes strays elude authorities and may injure people or other dogs.

The law typically requires that the victim show the dog has dangerous propensities in order to hold the owner responsible. That means your lawyer will have to show that the dog exhibited aggressive behavior at some time before you were attacked. This could include chasing people, growling or attacks on other people or animals.

Finding a good Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, while not the simplest of tasks, is generally not overly difficult. Look for a lawyer with experience handling a variety of dog bite accident cases. Discuss your claim in detail during your initial free consultation to give the lawyer a thorough look at what they’re up against.

Choose Experienced Representation

Dog bite accident cases are generally of such a sensitive nature, an unfavorable ruling could be personally and financially devastating. The outcome is dependent on finding a lawyer with experience, or one that is at least willing to tackle a tough case.

No Philadelphia injury lawyer should have to work too hard to explain their level of expertise. Ask for credentials and experience, and then begin discussing the details of your situation. Provide photographs and any details you feel are relevant to a potential case.