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How to use the case submission form: Fill in all of the fields completely and submit the form.The information is immediately sent to an attorney if one is available in your area who handles your type of matter.

If an attorney is interested/available you will be contacted as quickly as possible after your submission, in most cases within 1 business day*; you may also be provided attorney contact information.

Case Submission Guidelines:

The injuries involved in the case submission must involve a serious personal injury or death in order to be eligible to use this service.

Forms submission contents must be complete, accurate and state the injuries, and describe the negligent act; you must also provide the defendant wrongdoers name and address; you must provide your current valid day tel # and email #; you must sufficiently describe what grounds you feel there is for bringing case. You must read and agree to this disclaimer and terms of use and must so indicate your acceptance of these terms by checking the “yes” box on the case submission form next to the checkbox that states “I have read and agree to the terms of the Disclaimer”.

The case submission form is designed to determine whether an attorney may be interested in talking with you about your claim and possibly representing you and nothing more.
No attorney is agreeing to represent you or “take your case” at the point of your case submission. The case submission form is designed to only to determine whether an attorney can be located who is able/willing to assist you.

*You will be contacted within 5 business days only if we are successful in locating an attorney. You will not be contacted further if we cannot locate an attorney for you.
Neither the transmission nor receipt of these web site forms or materials will create an attorney-client relationship between sender and receiver. If you are currently represented by counsel you are ineligible for our service. Medical Malpractice Lawyers Network does not provide attorneys for all locations. We reserve the right to decline case referrals without notification.

Terms and Conditions of Use:

By using this site you agree:

If our service provides you with an attorneys name it is your responsibility to follow up with your attorney of choice.

If we do not respond to your case submission it is not an expression by our service as to your case merits. We do not express any legal opinion on this site/service.

No attorney client relationship is formed by use of this site. No guarantee or warrantee is given by our service regarding the capability of any lawyer whose name provided to you. It is your duty to inquire into their qualifications and experience. You should not rely solely on our service to locate an attorney. You should try additional referral sources as well.

If you do not hear back from us or from an attorney in your area after 5 business days, it means we were unable to secure the name of an attorney for you. In that event, you should not delay attempting to secure an attorney through alternate means.
The statute of limitations, which is the time limit by which you must file your case, is a strict requirement in personal injury cases including potential medical malpractice cases.

Our service does not render information about the particular statute of limitations for your case or state. It is your responsibility to determine and comply with the statute of limitations for your case. We do not accept case inquiries sent within 3 months of the expiration of your statute of limitations.

No attorney client relationship exists until written fee contract is signed. The use of the Internet for communications with the firm will not establish an attorney-client relationship and messages containing confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent.


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Rosenbaum & Associates offers no legal advice, legal recommendations, mediation or counseling under any circumstance. This site is only designed to assist you in narrowing your choices in selecting your lawyer. You are totally and solely responsible for your own selections and actions.

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