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Right of Way Violation and Motorcycles

Under Pennsylvania and New Jersey law, the injured party in a motorcycle accident has the right to seek reasonable compensation for the injuries caused by another’s negligent or reckless driving. Each driver must abide by the rules of the road regardless of what type of vehicle is being driven, be it a car, bus, truck, or motorcycle. Much like drivers must share the road with bicyclists, and pedestrians, drivers must also coexist with motorcycles. A right of way violation refers to when a motorists fails to give or yield, the right to pass, turn, or merge, in the legally determined priority system. All drivers are required to know who has the legal right to right-of-way and to adhere to it. When drivers fail to do so, accidents can and do occur. Right of way violation in motorcycle accidents can be particularly devastating to the rider as they have less protection available when a crash takes place. Determining who is at fault can be a complex puzzle, but by inspecting and documenting the crash site, as well as looking to the police report and medical records, a trained personal injury attorney can help establish which party was at fault, and hold the liable party accountable. For over 25 years the experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at Rosenbaum and Associates have successfully represented injured motorcyclist throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Common injuries caused by a right of way violation involving a motorcycle can include back and neck injuries, whiplash, broken bones, lacerations, and in some cases a wrongful death claim can arise. Part of driving is making judgment calls, especially true when dealing with right-of-way situations. Merging lanes requires that vehicles on the left yield to those on the right. When making a left hand turn, the turning vehicle or motorcycle must yield to oncoming traffic. A failure to yield violations is particularly hazardous for motorcycles that are entering an intersection. Motorcycle riders when in an accident with vehicle can suffer catastrophic injuries that can impact the rest of their lives. While it is a personal choice in Pennsylvania, whether or not to wear a helmet, it is always advisable, as a helmet is one of the only protective wear that can keep a rider’s severe injury from becoming fatal. Traumatic brain injuries are one of the leading causes of death for motorcyclists involved in a accident with a passenger vehicle.

If you are a motorcyclist, or have a loved one who was injured in a Philadelphia motorcycle accident, which was caused by the negligent action of the other driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages associates with the crash. To determine whether you have grounds for a case, please contact Rosenbaum & Associates by calling 1 800 7 LEGAL 7  or filling out a Case Evaluation Form.