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Poconos Injury Accident Attorney

Home to stunning waterfalls, winding rivers, miles of untouched woodlands, and gorgeous mountain terrain, the Poconos attract visitors from all over the world. Tourists flock to the Poconos for snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, boating, and more. While outdoor activities always hold some assumption of risk for participants, some risks and personal injury accidents go beyond reasonable supposition. In these cases, it may be worthwhile to speak to the local Poconos injury accident attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates.

Accidents That May Occur in the Poconos

Ski resorts, tourism groups, and attraction managers do their best to make tourist destinations safe for visitors. However, it only takes one person’s negligence to result in a serious accident. As a law firm with more than 25 years of experience in the Wilkes-Barre and Scranton area, we have represented clients who suffered injuries while in the Poconos. Common accidents that may occur include:

  • Snowboarding or snow skiing accident – The Pocono Mountain Range is a nationally renowned tourist destination for snow sports. Snowboarding and skiing come with a certain assumption of risk. However, some accidents may be the fault of property owners, reckless individuals, or defective rental equipment. If you have reason to believe someone else’s negligence is the cause of your winter sport accident in the Poconos, speak to a Poconos injury accident lawyer.
  • Traffic crash The Poconos see thousands of vehicles on its major highways every day. Like all major tourist destinations, travelers run the risk of a traffic accident on their way to and from the Poconos. The attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates are here for you if you’re struggling in the aftermath of a tragic road accident during a holiday in the Poconos.
  • Charter bus accident – Tourists and commuters often choose local mass transit vehicles and charter buses to see the sights and get where they need to go. Unfortunately, traveling by charter bus can result in a major accident. If you were in a crash involving a tourist bus or van during your time in the Poconos, the driver, company, and/or a third party may be liable.

There are many potential defendants in a Poconos accident. Depending on the situation, the courts may assign fault to another driver, a tour group company, an employee of a ski resort, an equipment manufacturer, or a property owner. An attorney can help you identify the defendant(s) in your case and review your options for an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Assumption of Risk While Vacationing

A common defense against negligence lawsuits involving tourist attractions and activities is assumption of risk. The assumption of risk defense aims to prove that the plaintiff knew or should have known of the dangers of his or her actions, such as snowboarding in the Poconos, and therefore the defendant is not liable for any injuries. Even if you sign a liability waiver, you may be able to sue after a Poconos injury if the main causal factor of your injury was an additional, unknown danger.

For example, suppose you stay at a ski resort in the Poconos with its own private lift and slope. You sign a waiver stating that the resort is not liable for any injuries you may incur while skiing. During your ski, the lift malfunctions and sends you to the ground, resulting in a broken arm and a concussion. The waiver would not bar you from filing a claim against the ski resort because you could not have expected the lift to malfunction. This was an unknown danger, and the resort (or a third party) may be liable. Contact the Poconos injury accident attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates to learn your rights after a Poconos accident.